Bajaj Energy Limited

Bajaj Energy Limited (BEL), part of the 90-year old Bajaj group is the first diversification move into thermal power by the group that is an established and respected leader in sugar and personal care products. BEL set up 5 new coal based power generation plants of 90 MW each that were commissioned in early 2012 at Barkhera (Pilibhit), Maqsoodapur (Shahjahanpur), Khambarkhera (Lakhimpur), Kun ...

Power Project

Coal and Thermal Power Generation Plants in India.

Environmental and CSR Initiatives
Developing and managing the existing Human Resources is just as important as to conserve and manage the natural resources of the region, in order to improve the quality of life of the people by ensuring economically gainful activities and unleashing the hidden potential of human resources in Ward ...
Power Plant Locations