Awards and Accolades

2013: Our Company received Amity Leadership award for 'Business Excellence by Leveraging IT in Power Sector' at Confluence 2013, the Next Generation Information Technology Summit
2015: Our Company received 'Gold Award' in thermal power sector for its Utraula unit for outstanding achievements in safety management at the 14th Annual Greentech Safety Award 2015
2015: Our Company received 'National Safety Award' for its Barkhera unit, for outstanding performance in industrial safety as runner-up during the performance year 2015 in achieving lowest average frequency rate
2017: Our Company was certified as a 'Great Workplace' in the category "Small and Mid-Sized Organisation" by Great Place To Work Institute,India for the period from May 2017 till April 2018
2017: Our Company and our Associate, LPGCL,received the 'Company with Great Managers, 2017' award from People Business at Great Manager Awards