Bajaj Energy Limited, Bajaj Power Plant

Bajaj Energy Limited (BEL), part of the 90-year old Bajaj group is the first diversification move into thermal power by the group that is an established and respected leader in sugar and personal care products. BEL set up 5 new coal based power generation plants of 90 MW each that were commissioned in early 2012 at Barkhera (Pilibhit), Maqsoodapur (Shahjahanpur), Khambarkhera (Lakhimpur), Kundarkhi (Gonda) and Utraula (Balrampur) in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Bajaj group later commissioned the super critical 3x660 (1980) MW Lalitpur Power Generation Co Ltd in district Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh in 2016. With their combined capacities, the Bajaj group is the largest private power producer in the State along with 450 MW of renewable power within the sugar business for captive consumption.

At BEL, all units are being operated by around 485 technical and non-technical experienced employees. Each station is being headed by a unit head and the corporate office is at Noida. BEL provides a professional and challenging work atmosphere with a well-established and maintained infrastructure for professional, social and personal development for its staff and their families. BEL also provides quality school education for students through its CSR initiative at the Bajaj Public School located at its Maqsoodapur, Barkhera and Utraula units. 

The company sells its total power to the UP Power Corporation Ltd. All its thermal power units run on Indian coal arranged through CCL linkages and the domestic market.

The minimum target set for station availablity is 95% and each station has been achieving it on a continuous basis. With the established connectivity system, the 5 units are connected through LAN service for easy, approachable communication and desirable day to day data sharing. All the units are also well equipped with the latest technology and designed machinery to give the best efficiency and performance.